Surprise the people that you care about by sending them a nice good night text. On this page we present you a wide collection of good night messages for friends that you can send. Beautiful good night words will gladden them and make them feel special. We hope that you will find good night wishes and images that you like.

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good night messages for friends
Good night, sleep tight. I hope that you will sleep well and be energetic in the morning.


Every time you close your eyes and fall asleep, may you have only good dreams. And every time you open your eyes in the morning, may the reality be also great! Good night.


I can’t believe that this long day has come to an end. After all, wishing you to rest and recover. Sleep is necessary for our beauty!

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A really good night is when neighbours are calm and their dog is not barking all night long. I wish that nothing could interrupt your precious sleep, until the morning sun shows up. Good night!


Are you ready for a sleep? Don’t hurry and let me wish you sweet dreams. Hug you.

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BEST GOOD NIGHT QUOTES good night card for friends
May an amazing day be followed by a really good night. May all the troubles and concerns just go away for a while and don’t disturb you in your sleep. May this night bring you rest and tranquillity. Good night!

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➥ Good Morning Messages For FriendsGood night. These two simple words really make difference, because they mean that you’re not alone and there’s always someone who guards your sleep. Sleep tight and don’t worry about a thing.


We are so exhausted at day’s end that the only thing we really want is to get into the bed and hear somebody wishing us good night. Well, good night!


This night is so bright and full of stars. May you have a dream as beautiful as this night. Kisses!


Saying “good night” is such a great bedtime ritual. I think people should say it more often, because these words are able to dismiss all the nightmares and give calm and peaceful sleep.

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Close your eyes and calm down. It’s time to take a rest. Good night!


It‘s dark outside. Your bed is already waiting for you. Wishing you comfortable sleep. Take it easy!


At this night I wish you that your sleep would be perfect. You are worth a comfortable bed and warm comforters. Relax!

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The day has passed, it is already the night, the angels shall come and will visit you, bringing the sweetest dreams.


I realize that the sun has set, I understand that you are tired, but I can‘t understand how could you fall asleep if you haven‘t wished good night for somebody. Sleep well.

GOOD NIGHT FRIEND SMS good night quotes
Think of good moments of this day
And keep a smile for tomorrow!
Good night and sleep tight!


Dream about the wind, which carries the beautiful memories…
Dream about love that you fall into…
Dream about the river full of pure joy and everything that you cherish…


Winter has brought quietness. The frogs, hedgehogs and badgers fell asleep, and the bear is sleeping tightly too. Close your eyes and peaceful dreams will come to you.


Tonight I will be your angel,
I will calm you down, if you are sad,
I will cover you with blanket, if you are cold,
I will lie down near you, if you want to,
And I will invite you to a beautiful dream.


A little sweet dream lives on a cloud,
He sleeps at daytime and travels at night,
Tonight he promised to visit you and send my words “Good night, sleep well”.

Wishing you good night and sweet dreams. Take a rest. See you tomorrow!

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So many stars are shining in the sky,
May one of them bring you the most wonderful dreams.
Good night!


Dream about the wind, carrying the dreams,
Dream about love that you found,
Dream about the river of pure joy,
Dream about everything you cherish.
Good night!


When the sounds become silent,
When the sun goes down and the moon rises,
The magical dreams come to you,
Along with a “good night” message from me.

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Close your beautiful eyes, relax and don’t think about anything.
Do you feel something? Someone gently touches your lips..
Do not be afraid… It’s me, kissing you and wishing “Good night”.

GOOD NIGHT TEXTS TO A FRIEND good night card for friends
At this late evening I want to wish you a good night and recover your strength. Sweet dreams!

GOOD NIGHT MSG FOR FRIENDS good night ecard for friends
Close your eyes, take a deep breath and calm down. You have a whole night to sleep. Enjoy it!

 good night card for friends
Come quietly to the window and choose the most beautiful star,
Smile to her, because it says “Night night”.

 good night card for friends
I can’t wait to see you tomorrow but now I wish you to have a good night sleep. See you soon!

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 good night card for friends
I wish you to dive into the dream world. Don‘t think about nothing. This night is only for sleep.


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